Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello Family!
Today was a good week and we had a lot of lessons. We had one more lesson this week than we had last week so we are improving! We did companion exchanges this week and so I was with one of the zone leaders for 24 hours and we do that to learn from another missionary and see how they teach and do things so we can help ourselves become better. It was a good experience to do that. We had one more lesson this week than we did last week. It has been good getting a lot of lessons and getting to teach so much. Well I don't have a lot to say this week. I love you and hope you have a great week.
Love, Ryne



  1. Hello Family!

    I hope you are all doing well and having fun! So this week we didn't have a lot of lessons but it was a really good week. Yesterday we found out that the person we taught about two weeks ago that wanted to be baptized, is going to get baptized in Reno this next saturday at 4PM. So that is great that she will be baptized but it won't be happening in our ward so we still have to see if we can get permission to attend. We should find out today though. We did some more tracting this week because we got done going through all the former investigators that we were trying to visit to see if they were willing to take the lessons again but we didn't find anybody and tracting didn't get us anybody new either. Tracting is the worst way to do missionary work, it is very ineffective but sometimes it's all you can do so we have to do it and try our hardest but so far we are having no luck. Getting referrals is the best way because then the members know the person and know if they are willing to listen to us so we can get lessons with them. So we had one investigator and one less active member attend church yesterday and that was really awesome to see them there even though they only stayed for sacrament meeting. The investigator's husband is a member but was less active but has started coming back to church with her. She is progressing slowly but it will still take some time for her.

    Today we were able to go to Lake Tahoe with one of the members of one of our wards and it was really awesome being able to go up there and see it and I took some pictures for you that I will probably not send until next week but that was a lot of fun since I have never been there before. We aren't able to go swimming though but I heard you don't want to swim there anyway because the water is way too cold to swim in but there were people there in the water anyway. We have heard from multiple people that the water there is freezing cold all the time but we don't get to know since we can't go in the water anyway.

    So one thing that would be great is if you could find me more ties. There are Elders here with over 70 ties and yeah it would be nice to get some more ties but I guess I will be given some ties sometimes but if you could find me some at thrift stores and stuff that look nice, they would be fairly cheap I think so it would be great to get more ties if you could do that.

    I hope you have a great week!

    Love, Elder Bailey

  2. Hello Family!

    How are you doing? I am doing well and we were able to have about the same number of lessons this week as last week so that was good. We did more tracting this week because we don't have a lot of other people to visit right now so we have to find new investigators now. It has been hard but doing it more is making it get easier but I am still pretty nervous while doing it. The girl we were teaching a few weeks ago got baptized on Saturday. It didn't happen in our area though, it was in Reno but we were able to attend the baptism and it was very cool to be there. Elder Roy and I also both gave the talks. Well I guess there is not a lot else to say, I am doing well and learning a lot and I hope we can find even more people to teach here.

    I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

    Love,Elder Ryne Bailey