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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Family!
I had a pretty good week this week. Elder Linn and I are finally getting the hang of teaching in unity and by the spirit and it is too bad its happneing now because now we only have one week left here. Its crazy to think I only have that much time left here. It is going by so fast and I am happy about that because the mission field will be awesome and that will be the best practice for me. So for some questions now I don´t remember all of them but yes there are sister missionaries here and they are awesome we have some in our class and they are great. Everyone in my room is going to Nevada also. Uh I can´t really remember the rest of the questions so I will have to write them down next time so I can remember them. Oh I did get my travel plans and I am leaving next wednesday. So I will have one more preperation day before I leave but I will be leaving the day after that. I am leaving really early in the morning again, I think around six AM. I don´t have it with me right now so I don´t remember exactly when. So yeah I am really excited about that. The box you sent was so awesome thank you very much for that! I love the picture album, I got to look through it a little when I first opened the box but then we had some study time so I had to put it away and get to work but then I went through it last night and I am very happy that you sent me that. I was so happy to see the Washington Capitals page haha thank you for doing that. The pictures of Alicia at soccer were hard to see her but she said she is having fun and that is awesome and it´s cool that you got to go to her practices with her for the first week because you had the week off mom. So for gym time at first I was running/walking on the track for the whole time but Elder Linn started playing four square, yeah we play four square here! Lol. So I started playing that and it was fun, we play that every day now for our gym time. We get about an hour and ten minutes for gym time and it is everyday except Sunday and Preperation day. Oh so I was told that we are not supposed to abbrievate things so that´s why I say preperation day and not P day now. I was also told I might be able to call you from the airport before I leave for Nevada and possibly after I get there but I don´t really know anything about that right now so I will try to figure that out and next week I will tell you if I can or not. Well my classes are still going well and I have been learning a lot more. I have been doing better at dealing with homesickness so that is good, I have felt a lot better this week. I had more good days than bad days! I hope you all have fun this weekend while going to the Seattle to Portland ride, it will be awesome and that is cool that you are bringing boe along with you, he should have fun haha. Wow I can´t think of a lot of stuff to say this week. I am really happy to be able to leave for the mission field it will be great. So for the letters home I will probably always send the letter home to the whole family and everyone on the email to you mom then I will write to everyone individually in a handwritten letter because I have more time to do that and more time to think about what I want to say. It feels like three weeks here is not enough time, it is a very short amount of time to learn all of the things I am supposed to learn before going out into the mission field but I know that is the way it is supposed to be and I will learn everything that I can here and try to remember it. We have done a lot of note taking and so much writing but it is good to be able to write all of it down so I can refer back to it whenever I need to so it can really help me out when I need it. We have been learning how to teach by the holy ghost and follow promptings we get while teaching and its been pretty hard to do but good thing we get so much practice here. Planning is very important and we have a lot of lessons to plan for and it is hard to think of what to teach these people some of the time but it is something that has taught me it is very important to use time wisely and not slack off and really get to work planning for these lessons so we can be prepared to teach when we need to. Oh yeah I will be taking more pictures today I remember I need to take picutres all around the MTC so i will hopefully be able to remember to do that at least before I leave. I love you so much family and I hope you are all doing well and will have a great week!
Elder Ryne Bailey

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